How it works

Who I help
I created this editorial consultancy to help and support those who want to learn how to become a freelance book editor, find more freelance editing work, or for those looking to circumvent the need for travelling to a costly course on freelance book editing.

How it works
The service is tailored to you. We will have an initial consultation, during which I will take time to understand your objectives and questions. I will then create a bespoke session that addresses the topics we discussed.

The session itself can be done over the phone, via Skype or FaceTime, or by meeting face to face. We can do it via email too, but I recommend talking. It’s a relaxed, very informative one-to-one session that takes an hour.

As the process is a conversation, no PowerPoint presentations, expensive travel or workshops are required – just have a cup of tea to hand, plus a paper and pen for notes, and enjoy an extremely useful, productive conversation with someone who will be as interested in, and concerned about, your future career in freelance book editing as you are.

Belinda Jones Free Editorial Consultant